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Cosmetic Injectables

Cosmetic Injectables Port Macquarie

At TL Dental we take a comprehensive approach to cosmetic dentistry. Imagine your teeth are the photo and your face as the frame. By combining aesthetic dentistry treatments and cosmetic injectables like dermal fillers and wrinkle relaxants we can maximise the benefits of both treatments. We refer to this approach as 'dentofacial' aesthetics; it relates to combining teeth - "dento"- and face treatments.

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How do we use dermal fillers

Dermal fillers restore lost volume to the face and lips. Whether you were born with thin lips or have lost volume due to natural ageing, dermal fillers can help.


Some people are born with lips that tend to be on the thinner side and wish to enhance them by increasing their size. But even if you were born with good lip volume, some is lost as we age and fine lines around the lips become visible. Collagen filler increases the size of the lip creating a beautiful shape to frame the teeth.

Naso-labial folds

These are the lines that we all have from the outer edge of our nose to the outer edge of our lips, as we age these folds become more visible and sunken in which can be ageing. By applying filler, we can reduce the depth of these folds to rejuvenate the smile.

Marionette lines

These are the lines that start at the outer edge of our lips, and down to the bottom of the jaw, as we lose the volume to this part of our face, it can create the appearance that we are permanently frowning. When we fill these lines, it can improve this 'downturned smile'.

During our dental training, we learn all about facial anatomy at depth to inject in and around the mouth and are comfortable treating this area. For improved comfort, we can administer a 'block' injection to numb the lips before filler treatment.

Filler treatments are not permanent and depending on the area treated will last 6-18 months.

How do we use muscle relaxants?

Clenching & grinding

Jaw clenching and tooth grinding (particularly at night) is more common than you think. Some people are more prone to doing this, for others stressful life events can cause night clenching and grinding. Most don't know they are doing even doing it. It is often discovered at routine dental appointments when we observe unusual wear and tear on teeth. Sometimes, the problem is so severe that it leads to pain in the jaw joint (temporal mandibular joint). In certain circumstances, muscle relaxants can help to reduce the harmful impact of grinding and prevent unnecessary wear and tear on teeth.

Reducing wrinkles

Over time as we naturally produce less collagen lines around the face become more pronounced. Muscle relaxants can help by reducing the pull of that muscle around the forehead and eyes to smooth out wrinkles.

Gummy Smile Correction

In many cases a 'gummy smile' results when the muscles that control the upper lip are over active. Muscle relaxants will help by reducing the pull of those muscles to show less gum.

Muscle relaxants are not permanent and depending on the area treated will last 3-12 months.

How do we combine cosmetic injectables and cosmetic dentistry?

There are several combinations that we consider when planning your new smile. A common combination is porcelain or composite veneers together with lip enhancement. A fuller, more shapely lip will frame veneers perfectly. To treat gummy smile, we often find that lip filler together with muscle relaxant will create a beautifully balanced smile. Alternatively, we may combine teeth straightening with cosmetic injectables to enhance the outcome of orthodontic treatment. A quick treatment combination combination is tooth whitening with lip enhancement.

The combination of treatments will depend on your case and the outcomes you want from cosmetic dental and facial treatment.

At our cosmetic consultation, we take photographs and video that allows us to study how your face, lips and teeth interact when you talk, smile, laugh or are at rest. This information makes it possible to assess the ideal treatment combination.

We offer bundle price packages for teeth whitening and lip enhancement and also have a variety of payment plans that allow you to spread payments conveniently over time.

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