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Dental Crowns & Bridges

Dental Crowns & Bridges Port Macquarie

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown or bridge is a ‘cap' that is the same shape and size as your natural teeth that is used to restore damaged teeth. Dental crowns and bridges can be made of many different materials including gold, metal with porcelain fused to the surface, composite or all porcelain. We will recommend the best material for you depending on your personal circumstances.

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Why do I need a Crown?

Dental Crowns may be required for a number of reasons, you may have a broken or chipped tooth, severe decay and they are also required following a root canal treatment. Tooth crowns are also sometimes used for improving the appearance of your teeth.

When would I need a Dental Bridge?

If you are missing one or two teeth, a dental bridge may be an option for you. A Dental bridge consists of at least two Dental crowns with a ‘pontic’ in-between the two crowns. The ‘pontic’ is essentially a false tooth that fills the gap where you are missing teeth. It is attached to the two crowns and becomes one single bridge. A Dental bridge may be made up of two crowns and a pontic or more depending on how many teeth are missing.

A dental bridge needs to be attached to at least two teeth either side of the missing tooth or teeth. If you opt for a Dental bridge to replace missing teeth as opposed to another option such as a Dental Implant then two teeth will need to be filed down to fit the bridge. At TL Dental we will always recommend and encourage you to accept the best solution for your situation and offer flexible payment solutions to assist you in getting the best treatment possible.

How long to Dental Crowns and Bridges last?

A Dental Crown or Bridge that is manufactured correctly and fits well will generally last about 10 to 15 years. After this, you will need to get it replaced or you may opt to choose another solution at this stage. At TL Dental we have a 7-year warranty on all of our Dental Crowns.

How long does it take to get a Dental Crown or Bridge?

At Tl Dental we pride ourselves in being able to offer patients the best solution to their needs and have invested in the very latest technology. Therefore we have two options when it comes to issuing Crowns and Bridges; There may be the option to have a Same Day Crown or Bridge in which case your crown or bridge will be prepared and inserted in one appointment.

If your Crown or Bridge is a little more involved, we will do the preparation of the tooth or teeth in one appointment and then take an impression of your mouth and send it to our dental technician. The dental technician will then fabricate the crown or bridge in the laboratory. You will then return for a second appointment where we will insert the restoration. The final decision on which option we choose is a clinical one that needs to made by the dentist depending on your current dental health.

How do I look after my Dental Crown or Bridge?

Simple! You treat your Crown or Bridge as if it is one of your natural teeth. Regular brushing and flossing and six-monthly check-ups to keep everything in your mouth clean and healthy. Extra flossing may be required around the bridge and under the pontic – the dentist will explain how to do this once the bridge has been fitted. Gum disease prevention and treatment are also key to a long-lasting dental crown.

How much do Crowns and Bridges cost?

These crowns and bridges typically cost around $1450 per tooth, a competitive price nationally. With the help of your health fund , it is likely that at least some of this cost will be covered.

Want to know more?

We're happy to help you learn about the latest technology for crown procedures. We can even give you an estimate for the work after considering your level of health cover. There's no time to wait when you need a dental crown. Call us today and find out if a crown or bridge procedure is the right fit for you. Ask us about our no deposit, interest-free payment plans so that you can get the care you need now.

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