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Emergency Visits

Emergency Visits Port Macquarie

At TL Dental we understand that a dental emergency can be a very painful and stressful experience; therefore we make it a priority to make time to see you on the same day. We know that a Dental Emergency can’t wait so please call the practice immediately to make an appointment. Below we have some helpful tips to assist you before you come in for your appointment.

For all emergencies call our office on (02) 6583 4055

Lost Tooth - adult teeth only

Sport and accidents account for a significant number of dental emergencies. The best course of action is to call us straight away if you have lost your tooth. In the meantime, follow the instructions below.

  • Only touch the top (crown) of the tooth, do not handle by the root, do not scrub, do not scrap any surrounding tissue on the tooth
  • If the tooth needs cleaning, this can be done very gently by immersing it in a sterile saline solution or milk
  • Try to replace the tooth into its original position and hold firmly in place
  • If that is not possible, then put the tooth either underneath the tongue or into a small cup of milk while transporting it to the surgery

Chipped or broken tooth

If you have chipped or broken a tooth, we need to determine if the fracture is complicated (with nerve involvement) or uncomplicated (without any nerve involvement).

  • Whenever possible bring the fractured tooth fragment to us as it can often be re-bonded to the remaining tooth structure


A toothache may have several causes, such as:

  • Tooth decay or trauma
  • Abscesses and infections
  • Swollen inflamed gums due to impacted food
  • Tooth erosion and heavy wear

If you are experiencing a toothache the best thing to do is:

  • Take some painkillers
  • Consult us so we can determine if the toothache is being caused by a problem that needs to be fixed quickly to avoid further issues down the track

Loose Tooth

For a loose tooth that has not completely fallen out, it is important for you to consult us quickly so that we can preserve the nerve endings and blood vessels and save the tooth.

  • If you are experiencing pain, place cold pressure to the area

Broken Jaw

A broken jaw will require initial treatment at a hospital to diagnose the extent of the fracture.

  • You need to immobilise the jaw by strapping and application of cold pressure. A specialist, Oral-Maxillo facial Surgeon will need to perform surgery to allow the fractured jaw to heal
  • If you are in extreme jaw pain and suspect it is broken or fractured, you may either come in for a scan or visit the hospital

There's no time to wait when you have a dental emergency. Ask us about our no deposit, interest-free a payment plans so that you can get the care you need now.