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Gummy Smile Treatment

Gummy Smile Treatment Port Macquarie

Some patients who see us for cosmetic dentistry consultations will highlight that they are not pleased with their "gummy smile", that is, they feel too much gum shows when they smile making them feel self-conscious. In cosmetic dentistry (aesthetic dentistry) we strive to create a smile line that shows the minimal amount of gum and follows the contours of the teeth. There are several options to correct a gummy smile depending on your case and what is causing your high lip line.

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What causes a gummy smile?

Several factors impact how much gum you will display when you smile including:

  • your jaw shape
  • your lip shape
  • overgrowth of the gums due to gum problems
  • crooked teeth

However, one of the most common reasons is over active muscles controlling the upper lip. In some, and normally for genetic reasons, these strong muscles will pull the lip strongly upwards creating the excessive gum show.

What are the options for a gummy smile?

Gummy smile treatment is dependent on the cause of the gum show. Sometimes a combination of treatments may be needed to correct excessive gum display. Treatments fall into two broad categories: surgical and non-surgical.

Non-surgical options

Often, we can achieve significant improvements in gum display by carefully injecting the lip area with a muscle relaxant. This muscle relaxant will work to reduce the force of the muscle that controls the lip so that when you smile, it will not lift as high. Muscle relaxant [internal link] injections last 3 months, so they are not permanent.

If crooked teeth or an overbite are contributing to the gummy smile, then teeth straightening with or without muscle relaxants is worth considering for improved long-term results.

Surgical options

Several surgical options exist:

  • Gingivectomy: involves surgically removing some of the gum tissue, often referred to as a 'gum lift.'
  • Gingivoplasty: involves reshaping the contour of the gums around the teeth to reduce display
  • Alveoplasty: involves removing some of the bone under the gums and then replacing the gum tissue at the new higher level
  • Orthognathic surgery: in rare cases, jaw surgery is required to treat gum display

During our initial consultation, we identify the cause of your gum display and explain all the options available to you to improve your gummy smile. The decision to treat gummy smile is a more of a personal one and depends on how self-conscious it makes you feel and how important it is to change your smile. Many patients find that muscle relaxants injections are an effective way to treat this problem conservatively.

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