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Implant Dentures

Implant Retained Dentures

If you’re finding that your dentures just won’t stay put no matter the amount of glue you apply then implant dentures could be right for you.

Loose dentures can make life’s daily activities like eating, laughing and speaking difficult. If you are worried about your dentures accidentally coming loose in social or work situations this can also make you feel self-conscious and stop you from enjoying life.

Implant retained dentures can stabilise your denture, holding it securely so that you can start to enjoy the foods you love again and regain your confidence in social situations.

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Why is my denture loose

A well-made denture will fit you snuggly restoring both your appearance and chewing ability but it is common for many patients to struggle with loose dentures over time particularly lower dentures where there is no palate to create a suction effect.

Also, after teeth are removed from the jaw it is natural for the bone to shrink as there is no stimulation from biting forces. With time the jaw bone flattens making it difficult for the denture to stay in place. Supermarket adhesives are of some benefit but often not enough to restore enough chewing capacity, not to mention that they can be a bit unpleasant and difficult to clean from the mouth.

If you have loose dentures it is really no fault of your own, it is a normal effect of the natural bone loss after teeth are removed.

What are the benefits of implant retained dentures

Dental implants have increased in popularity with denture wearers as they offer a host of benefits over traditional dentures:

  • Regain chewing capacity to eat a greater variety of foods
  • Regain quality of life and get back to doing the activities you love without the fear of your denture falling out
  • Less sore spots from dentures rubbing on your gums
  • Improved speech as you won’t be fighting with a loose denture in your mouth

What are the options for implant dentures?

This cost-effective method involves the placement of 2 implants in the front of your bottom jaw to which ‘magnet’ type attachments allow you to ‘snap-in’ your denture. This open is still supported by your gums at the back but the implants at the front means it is securely held in place. If you have a well-fitting denture in good condition this may be used instead of making a new one. This option is only possible on the bottom jaw.

For this treatment, we place at least 4 implants onto which a solid titanium bar is attached. The denture is then attached to this bar with the same ‘snap-in’ magnet system. The benefit of this option is that the teeth are completely held up off the gum by the implants so there is no part of the denture resting on your gums.

In this case the teeth are placed directly on the strong titanium bar and the teeth are screwed directly onto the implants. With this option only our dentist will be able to remove the teeth.

At your initial consultation, we go through all of these options so that you can make an informed choice that suits your lifestyle and budget.

Who can have implant retained dentures?

There are very few contra-indications to implant treatment and today it is a routine dental procedure with high success rates between 95-97%.

How long does it take to get implant dentures

The average length of treatment is between 3-6 months from beginning to end. The first part of the process is to place the implants and these take 3-6 months to completely fuse to your bone. One the healing phase is over we then go ahead and attach your teeth to the implants. During the healing phase, you can continue to wear your denture.

How much do implant dentures cost?

Cost of dental implants can vary significantly based on the number of implants based and the type of teeth chosen. To give you an indication a ‘snap-in’ denture on two implants could range from $8,000 – $10,000 depending on your specific needs.

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