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Tooth Removal

Tooth Removal Port Macquarie

At TL Dental we believe in preventative and conservative dentistry, that being said there are times when removing your tooth is the best option for your particular circumstances. In some instances, tooth removal may be beneficial for your dental health long term such as wisdom teeth removal.

Thankfully due to our investment in the latest in dental technology and anti-anxiety options we can now remove teeth in a stress-free, calm environment and as pain free as possible. Our mission at TL Dental is to change the way you feel about coming the to the dentist, and our ongoing continuing education means that we keep up to date with the latest techniques and procedures to ensure you have a comfortable experience.

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Wisdom tooth removal

Having your wisdom teeth removed can seem quite stressful and we have all heard those horror stories from our friends. Well, those days are over. At TL Dental we aim to provide you with a comfortable (even relaxing!) experience. We offer nitrous (laughing gas) and have invested in a painless anaesthetic delivery system. Our Doctors are used to dealing with anxious patients so don’t worry – you are in safe hands.

Sometimes wisdom teeth are difficult to remove because they are impacted or have tooth roots that are not straight. At TL Dental we have invested in one of Port Macquaries' only Cone Beam Scanners which means we can do a 3D scan of your teeth. This scan provides us with a lot more information than a traditional X-Ray or OPG so we can see exactly what your teeth and roots look like before removing them. If we find that it may be too difficult to remove the teeth here at our surgery, we will refer you to an oral-maxillo facial surgeon to remove your wisdom teeth in hospital under sedation.

How can I replace my missing tooth if I need to?

If you have had a tooth removed and it requires replacing, then there are a few options. The ideal solution to replace missing teeth is with dental implants [Internal link: Dental Implants]. A dental implant will preserve bone and prevent the surrounding teeth from moving in to fill the gap affecting the way you bite together which can lead to other more serious problems.

We may also recommend a dental bridge. A bridge involves filing down the adjacent teeth and fitting crowns over these natural teeth with a ‘pontic’ (false) tooth to fit in the space.

Another option is to have a partial denture, this is a removable solution and the least expensive option. Partial dentures may not be suitable for everyone, especially if you are just replacing one tooth as they are not very secure and this makes it difficult to eat, talk and smile.

The costs to have your tooth removed will vary depending on which tooth and the reason we have to remove it.

Some of the costs of your denture will be covered by your health insurance and don't forget to talk to us about our flexible payment solutions.

If you need to go to the hospital to have your wisdom teeth removed your dentist will explain the costs involved and what is covered by medicare and your health insurance.

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