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We strive for Kid's dentist visits without the tears at TL Dental Port Macquarie.

Our team together with our visiting children's dentist can accommodate a variety of treatments from general check-ups to more complex work. For nervous young children needing surgery, our children's dentist provides mild sedation or general anaesthetic. We offer gap-free check-ups (including clean & x-rays) for all health funds for children under 12 and bulk bill under the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme (eligible children).

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Tiny teeth, special care at TL Dental

Children's Room

Fun themed consultation room eases anxiety about visiting the dentist

Specialised Care

Children's specialist for advanced kids dental care needs

Safe Technology

We use low radiation digital x-rays and computer-assisted anaesthetic delivery for comfort
childrens dentistry port maquarie

Your child's first dental visit

At TL Dental, we ease your child into visiting the dentist by building trust and making them feel safe and comfortable. At first, your child may be reluctant to let the dentist look at their teeth, but the key is for your child to slowly get used to visiting and view dental appointments as ordinary events.

  • Your child's first visit should occur at around their first birthday

  • The first check-up visit is a "ride" in the chair and a few intraoral photos taken with your child sitting on your lap

  • Over time we ease your child into other treatments such as scale and cleans

Download our FREE guide

Nearly 50% of children aged 5-6 have some tooth decay, so we’ve compiled this handy reference guide to give parents, just like you, the knowledge and tools to put in place a prevention routine.

What’s inside?

  • Everyday habits that can cause tooth decay in tiny teeth
  • Easy to follow tooth decay prevention plan you can start today
  • Learn how to spot early signs of decay
childrens dentistry port macquarie

Diane Tay specialist childrens dentist port macquarie

Meet Dr Tay

Dr Tay is a registered Specialist Paediatric Dentist in the Port Macquarie community. Dr Tay also works at the Children’s Hospital in Sydney where she manages a range of cases including the caring for special needs and medically compromised children, oral medicine and dental trauma in children.

Have a question about your child's dental health?

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