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Dentures or ‘false teeth' can replace teeth that you may have lost due to decay, damage, medical conditions or injury.

Here at TL dental, we provide a range of denture treatments to suit your lifestyle and budget. When you are missing all your teeth the muscles in your face change which ages your appearance, you will also have trouble doing everyday things like eating and speaking. Dentures offer a natural looking smile while helping to maintain your appearance and your health.

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Types of Dentures


Full dentures are an option if you are missing all of your teeth in your top or your bottom jaw. They are made out of acrylic (plastic) material and the shape and colour of the teeth can be customised to suit your appearance.


Partial dentures could be an option for you if you are missing one or more teeth. These can either be made from acrylic (plastic) or chrome. If partial dentures are an option for you, your dentist will help decide which material will work best for you.


You may have heard of the term immediate dentures before, if you are having all your teeth removed an immediate denture can be provided at the same time. For the next few months after you have your teeth removed your gums and bone will remodel to adjust to the new situation, therefore your immediate denture will need to be replaced with a permanent denture within a few months.

Fixed implant dentures

Dentures have been the mainstay of tooth replacement for centuries. However, they're only ever able to restore limited function. For some, keeping them put becomes difficult after years of wear and the accompanying bone loss in the jaw. Retention is extra problematic in lower dentures where the tongue can cause them to slip and slide. Implant supported dentures provide improved function so you can get back to enjoying the activities and foods you love.

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tooth implant

Single implant tooth

dental implant bridge

Dental implant tooth bridge

What are the alternatives to partial dentures?

If you are missing one or a couple of teeth and wish to have a fixed solution rather than a removable partial denture you can consider replacing your missing teeth with dental implants. A single tooth can be replaced with a single implant with a tooth restoration on top. If you are missing several teeth next to each other an implant held bridge is a solution.

Dentures Cost



Full dentures

from $1,800

Partial dentures

from $1,500

Immediate dentures

from $1,800


All Health Funds accepted and rebates processed on the spot with HICAPS. We are preferred providers for HCF, NIB and Medibank. Please bring your membership card with you to your appointment.


We work with payment plans so you can spread the cost of treatment. Most offer quick online application & eligibility check. Terms, conditions & lending criteria subject to the lender's policies. We accept cash, cheque and major credit/debit cards. Learn more on our dental payment plans page.

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Denture FAQs

What is the ongoing maintenance of a Denture?

At the surgery

Your jaw bone will continue to resorb the longer you wear your dentures, so your dentures will need to be ‘relined’ on the inside with acrylic material every couple of years to keep them fitting well and replaced about every 7-10 years.

At home

During the first couple of weeks you will have to wear your denture most of the time. Once this period of time has passed your denture needs to be removed every night to allow the gum time to rest and encourage normal stimulation and cleansing by the tongue and saliva.
Your denture can be cleaned with special denture cleaning material and a soft brush. If you have an acrylic denture, then it must be soaked overnight in a denture care solution.

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