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A gummy smile is surprisingly easy to correct with muscle relaxants at TL Dental in Port Macquarie.

Some patients who see us highlight that they are not pleased with their "gummy smile" feeling they show too much gum when they smile making them self-conscious. When creating a smile, we strive to design a smile line that shows the minimal amount of gum, generally 2mm, and follows the contours of the teeth. When too much pink shows, it creates an imbalance in the proportions of a beautiful smile. Today there are many ways to correct a 'gummy smile' depending on what is causing too much gum display. During a consultation, we can assess the cause of your gummy smile and recommend options.

What's causing my 'gummy smile'?

Everyone is different and several factors influence how much gum you display when you smile. Common reasons include:

  • Your jaw shape
  • Lip shape and volume
  • Too much gum tissue
  • Strong upper lip muscles
  • Crooked teeth or overbite

One of the most common causes and most straightforward to correct is overactive upper lip muscles. In some, and generally for genetic reasons, these strong muscles will pull the lip strongly upwards creating the excessive gum show.

Correcting a gummy smile with muscle relaxants

We can achieve significant improvement in the amount of gum display by carefully injecting the lip area with a muscle relaxant. This muscle relaxant reduces the force of the muscle controlling the upper lip when you smile so it will not lift as high. Muscle relaxants last 3-4 months, so they are not permanent.

Combination options for a gummy smile

Gummy smile treatment is dependent on the cause of the gum show. Sometimes a combination of treatments may be needed to correct excessive gum display.

  • When crooked teeth or an overbite contribute to a gummy smile, teeth straightening in combination with muscle relaxants is a viable option
  • Surgical options to remove some gum tissue and or bone, often called a 'gum lift'.

The decision to treat gummy smile is a more of a personal one and depends on how self-conscious it makes you feel. Many people find that muscle relaxants are an effective way to manage their gummy smile conservatively.

Gummy Smile Treatment Cost



Dermal lip fillers

from $450 p/ml

Muscle relaxants

from $15 p/ml


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