How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

cost of invisalign

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

What to Know Before You Buy

Are you longing for a perfectly straight smile but are too embarrassed or self-conscious to wear metal braces?

Invisalign is a discreet alternative to metal braces that will give you a straight smile using just clear and removable tray aligners. This new world of orthodontics offers custom-made trays to fit your exact needs.

With all of the great benefits of Invisalign compared to traditional braces, you’re probably wondering how much Invisalign costs?

While everyone ends up having a different cost for Invisalign based on their unique needs, the average price range is $5,000 to $7,500.

A couple of factors determine the final price of Invisalign. We’re here to help guide you through the Invisalign cost questions that everyone is asking.


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What Is Invisalign?

Invisalign clear braces are becoming the preferred teeth straightening method for adults. For one, it is far more subtle than regular, metal braces that are fixed directly on the teeth for everyone to see.

Not only is it discreet, but Invisalign fits comfortably in your mouth. The flexible, multilayer SmartTrack material is exclusive to Invisalign aligners.

Invisalign creates beautifully straight smiles without the hassle of the brackets and wires that braces have. Plus, you can take the clear aligners out to eat, brush, floss or go to a meeting. When you’re finished, just place the aligner back in your mouth.

Invisalign is a trusted, safe and effective alternative to braces. In fact, they have 20 years of innovation and more than 5 million Invisalign smiles to prove it.


How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

There’s no way to quote a price for Invisalign without first seeing your teeth and bite. Each case is different.

The exact cost of your Invisalign will depend on:

  • How complex your case is
  • The length of treatment required

The cost of an Invisalign treatment is similar to traditional fixed ceramic braces. Metal braces are typically more inexpensive, but most adults prefer the more discreet tooth straightening options.

Factors to Consider:

How much your teeth need to move – Dentists handle every Invisalign patient on a case by case basis. One patient might have mild crowding and will only need Invisalign for a short amount of time. Meanwhile, another patient might have severe overcrowding and a bite issue, which would take longer to correct. Thus, costing more money.

The number of aligners you’ll require – Dentists will replace your aligners every one to two weeks depending on your exact alignment problem. Each set of aligners will have a new shape to shift the teeth until you’ve reached your goal. The more aligners you need the higher the expected cost of Invisalign

The number of visits to track progress – Invisalign treatments can range from a few months to a few years. If the procedure only takes a few months, the cost can be from as low as $5,000. However, if the treatment is more extensive, it can cost up to $6,000 to $7500.

This is because the cost of follow-up appointments to track your progress is generally included in the price. As you’d expect a short treatment may require 4-6 follow up visits. A complicated case can take up to 24 months requiring many more follow up visits.

If you break or lose an aligner, it can lead to an additional cost of replacement. At the same time, if you do not wear the aligners for the required 20-22 hours a day, it will take longer for teeth to shift. This could potentially lead to additional costs.


How Can You Pay for Invisalign?

Fortunately, payment plans consisting of affordable weekly payments can allow you to get that picture-perfect smile.

At TL Dental, we work with Denticare payment plans for Invisalign treatment. This means you can pay for your treatment in weekly instalments over 12 to 24 months. To give you an idea, a weekly payment could be from as low as $40.

Want to learn more about our payment plan options? Speak to one of our patient coordinators about your needs and how the application process. You can call (02) 6583 4055 or email us your inquiry.


Benefits of Straightening Teeth With Invisalign

Invisalign is removable so you can function just as you would before. With Invisalign, you can still eat, brush and floss like normal.

With over 20 years of research, Invisalign is the most advanced and innovative clear alignment system.

This hassle-free orthodontic system only requires you to make trips to the dentist every six to eight weeks. This leaves you with more time to do the things you love.

The clear aligners will give you a boost of self-confidence because they are virtually invisible. Additionally, if you have been hiding your smile due to crooked teeth, Invisalign will provide you with the flawless smile you have been longing for.

Invisalign will improve your oral hygiene. Severely crowded teeth are difficult to brush, floss and keep healthy, which can lead to dental problems such as bleeding gums.


How to get started with Invisalign in Port Macquarie at TL Dental?

The first step to your straighter and more confident smile is a consultation.

A smile consultation costs $60 we check your bite and the health of your teeth and gums. Based on your answers, we will determine if you are a good candidate for Invisalign and importantly the expected treatment time/cost for your ideal result.

Invisalign is for adults and teenagers with a variety of teeth straightening issues of different complexities. But, like all dental treatments, there is no definitive answer as to if Invisalign is for you.

Invisalign quite versatile and can treat a wide range of cases. However, your dentist may still recommend traditional braces to achieve a particular result.

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