Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Port Macquarie

Teeth whitening at a kiosk or a salon may improve your smile, but it won't be as dramatic as the results achieved by a dentist. We can combine powerful products with a light to get the job done quickly yet safely.


  • Up to 8 shades brighter in one hour
  • Banish stains from tea, coffee & food
  • Reverse signs of an ageing smile

Professional teeth whitening for dramatic results


We use dentist grade whitening gels that work faster and provide more visible results. We recommend the ideal formula and whitening method for you, so you don't waste time and money on the wrong solution.


Before any whitening treatment, we check your teeth and gums to make sure whitening treatment is suitable for you and won't damage your teeth and gums.

Smile Makeover

Want a little more than just whiter teeth? We can combine dermal fillers with whitening to enhance lip volume and shape for an overall smile makeover.

Teeth Whitening Results

Types of tooth whitening

The type of tooth whitening we recommend will vary depending on your tooth surface, type of staining & lifestyle factors. We can work our what's best for you during a whitening consultation

In-Office Whitening

We directly place the gel on your teeth after putting a protective barrier to protect your gums.  You sit back and relax for 30-40 minutes while the gel works its magic.

  • Great when you want quick results for a special event
  • May not be suitable if you have worn enamel or sensitivity

Take Home Whitening

We take a mould of your mouth to custom make a tray that will fit you like a glove. This tray will hold the whitening gel, and for 10-14 days you wear it for 15-60 minutes depending on the gel formulation we recommend.
  • Preferred method if you have worn enamel or sensitive teeth
  • You'll need to be more patient as results take two weeks

Teeth Whitening Cost

In-Office Whitening


Includes treatment & custom trays for maintenance program.

Take-Home Whitening


Includes custom made trays & dental grade gel.

Whitening & Dermal Filler


In office whitening treatment & 1ml of dermal filler (only market leading products used).


All Health Funds accepted and rebates processed on the spot with HICAPS. We are preferred providers for HCF, NIB and Medibank. Please bring your membership card with you to your appointment.


We work with payment plans so you can spread the cost of treatment. Most offer quick online application & eligibility check. Terms, conditions & lending criteria subject to the lender's policies. We accept cash, cheque and major credit/debit cards. Learn more on our dental payment plans page.

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Complete smile makeovers

A beautiful smile is about the harmony of the teeth, lips, gums and cheeks. At TL Dental we take a holistic approach and can combine treatments to enhance your brighter smile including:

porcelain veneers port macquarie

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Is tooth whitening for me?

Obtaining a brighter smile is possible for most people provided there are no underlying issues. For best results, it is also preferable to have your teeth professionally cleaned before whitening. However, we do not recommend whitening if you:

  • have decay or gum problems
  • are pregnant or nursing
  • history of extreme tooth sensitivity
  • have veneers or crowns (these do not whiten)

Is tooth whitening safe?

Tooth whitening is a widely researched dental procedure. Many studies in dental journals show that, when correctly performed, it is safe. Today's high-quality formulations also include products to reduce any post-treatment tooth sensitivity. Only a dentist can assess the health of your teeth and gums before any whitening treatment.

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